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Lily Grey

Lily Grey is a boutique consulting firm specialising in strategy and complex change


Lily Grey provides business strategy, change management, process improvement and leadership advice.  We enable organisations, individuals and teams to meet challenges, embrace opportunities and innovate for a sustainable future.


We work with businesses, not-for-profits and trade bodies to review and create strategic plans. Identifying the priorities and measures for short, medium and long term success.


Transformation, large or small, can have a huge impact on teams, customers and leaders. At Lily Grey we believe change should be done 'by' an organisation not 'to' it.  We will guide your teams to ensure change is implemented smoothly and successfully with lasting benefits.


The economic and human impacts of climate change, and the sustainable futures required to combat them, will be unprecedented. Lily Grey helps businesses incorporate these realities into strategies and change programmes.


Lily Grey supports organisations with specific project delivery.  From blue sky operating model design, to regulatory responses to investment or asset disposal. Applying a methodical approach to develop ideas and assess them against your goals for measurable success.


Creative Industries

We have high levels of experience and understanding of the economic and human complexities of the creative sectors, from television production, to broadcasting, to content publishing, to IP exploitation.

Workplace Change

The way we all use our work spaces is changing profoundly. We work with organisations to ensure that moving to a new way of working is as smooth as possible. We'll give you confidence about the changes and the tools to effectively capture the benefits of changing the way you work.


Conflict sometimes arises in the workplace, it can be disruptive and unpleasant. When conflict happens you need to find a path for those impacted to work collaboratively. We will run a 1 day mediation with the parties. Mediation has a high success rate and can save a world of pain down the line.


We love a workshop! If you need help planning your team away day, on-line or in-person, we can help. We'll listen to your brief, design a session specifically for your needs, deliver a one-off or series of workshops, and capture the results.

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