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About Us

We're proud to be a little bit goldilocks! We seek out the sweet spot, not too hot, not too cold but just right. We’re a high energy, generous, approachable firm. That provides exactly what you need to get results.

Who we are


Tricia Duffy

Tricia Duffy specialises in strategic business development, process improvements and change management.  She is also an accredited mediator. 

Prior to launching Lily Grey, Tricia spent 4 years as the Head of Transformation for BBC Television, where she was responsible for a £1bn savings programme and a portfolio of complex large-scale change and technology procurement projects.

Previous experience includes positions in the television production industry and later a role as the Head of Production and Business Affairs for Sky One, before taking on the responsibility for the integration of two newly acquired independent production companies for IMG Media.

Katharine Lewis

Katharine Lewis specialises in the planning, setup and optimisation of new revenue streams, business units, restructuring, and commercial strategy. 

In addition to consulting at Lily Grey she is the founder of FutureSmartMedia, an advisory firm specialising in content-industry strategy and IP development, She also sits on several boards.

Former experience includes consulting to Disney, New Line Cinema, the BBC and BAFTA; Deputy Head of Fremantle Ventures, and SVP Strategy & Operations at Fremantle Digital; Marketing Strategy Lead at eBay. Katharine has worked in the US, UK and Asia.


How we work...


Lily Grey offers flexible fees which give our clients complete control. We estimate the time needed and build a draw down model. Our clients only pay for exactly what is required to complete the work and we can stop at any time.

Scalable Team

We have an established network of hand-picked experts. From deep-data analysis to graphic design for reports and published papers. Lily Grey will form exactly the right team, at speed. And we don't pass on any unnecessary overheads to our clients.

Knowledge Transfer

We provide a high value alternative to the big firms, de-risking your project with the right level of rigour. We leave knowledge, skills and tools with your teams for future projects.

Public Speaking

Tricia is an accomplished motivational speaker. She is available to present, participate in panels or moderate at your event on the topics of leadership, change and building sustainable strategies.

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